Hamlin Fire & Rescue is excited to announce, we have begun the process of building a new firehouse

The firehouse that we are currently utilizing has served us well; however, with changes in apparatus designs over the years, the cost of maintaining two buildings and land and the continuous increase in calls for service, the need has arisen for a firehouse that will be better suited for us to serve our community and surrounding communities for years to come.  

An extensive amount of time, effort and research has gone into planning out Hamlin Fire & Rescue’s future. The ultimate decision was made to sell the current firehouse and additional property that was our Bingo / Event hall building and purchase a tract of land ¼ mile away and build one condensed building on it. With doing this it will greatly reduce our operational costs with having to maintain only one property and building. It will be a much more efficient building as we have incorporated a grant application for solar energy to run the buildings electricity. Another win for the local community is the two properties that we sold will be back on the tax maps.         

The members of the Hamlin Fire & Rescue Company are grateful for any financial support that you can provide to help us accomplish this goal. Should you wish to donate material goods to benefit this exciting endeavor, please contact the Vice President (570) 689-9193 or hinz5711@yahoo.com. We sincerely thank you for your support.